ANOTHER ARTBLOG is a curatorial research-project featuring contemporary artists by showing single works, groups of works or exhibitions. Emphasizing individual positions that inherently reflect upon the presentation and staging of contemporary art and artistic practices that incorporate and visualize their own methods and strategies, ANOTHER ARTBLOG serves as a public collection as well as a personal archive for further projects.

Also of interest to us (and also mirroring some of the artistic approaches) are the semantics and aesthetics that emerge from the presentation of artworks within the virtual. As with each form of presentation (exhibition space, publication, blog…) perception of a work of art is conditioned and influenced within its specific context and architecture. Single and contextual view, chronological order or keyword-search, choice of typography and layout are affecting and interacting with the photographic (re-)presentations of the individual work. As always, the medium argues its own capabilities and possibilities.

Cologne/New York, August 2012