Heiner von Alberti

born 1984 in Rome, lives in Berlin

Keith Allan

born 1986 in Darvel, Scotland, lives in Copenhagen

Kenneth Alme

born 1981 in Tønsberg, lives in Oslo

Maria Anwander

born 1980 in Bregenz, lives in Berlin

Christopher Aque

born 1987 in Chicago, lives in New York

Florian Auer

born 1984 in Augsburg, lives in Berlin

Nairy Baghramian

born 1971 in Isfahan, Iran, lives in Berlin

Fiona Banner

born 1966 in Merseyside, lives in London

Alisa Baremboym

born 1982 in Moscow, lives in New York 

Justin Beal

born 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts, lives in Los Angeles

Anna-Sophie Berger

born 1989 in Vienna, lives in Vienna

Gabriele Beveridge

born 1985 in Hong Kong, lives in London

Steve Bishop

born 1983 in Toronto, lives in London

Sara Bjarland

born 1981 in Helsinki, lives in Amsterdam

Hannah Black

born 1981 in Manchester, lives in New York

Patricia L. Boyd

born 1980 in London

Elaine Cameron-Weir

born 1985 in Red Deer, Alberta, lives in New York

Merlin Carpenter

born 1967 in Pembury, lives in Shepperton

Erika Ceruzzi

born 1990 in Kensington, MD, lives in New York

Etienne Chambaud

born 1980 in Mulhouse, lives in Paris

James Clarkson

born 1987 in Liverpool, lives in Sheffield

Anders Clausen

born 1978 in Copenhagen, lives in Berlin

Steven Claydon

born 1969 in London, lives in London

Ethan Cook

born 1983 in Tyler, Texas, lives in New York

Gabriele De Santis

born 1983 in Rome, lives in Rome

Nicolas Deshayes

born 1983 in Nancy, France, lives in London,3,1418

Jason Dodge

born 1969 in Newton, Pennsylvania, lives in Berlin

Jakob Emdal

born 1982 in Copenhagen, lives in Copenhagen

Brock Enright

born 1976 in Norfolk, Virginia, lives in Brooklyn 

David Flaugher

born 1986 in Detroit, lives in New York

Olivier Foulon

born 1976 in Brussels, lives in Brussels

Samuel Francois

born 1977 in Pompey, lives in Hettange-Grande

Egan Frantz

born 1986 in Fairfield, Connecticut, lives in New York

Mike Goldby

born 1991 in Toronto, lives in New York

Lina Viste Grønli

born 1976 in Bergen, Norway, lives in Oslo

May Hands

born 1990 in Brighton, lives in London

Tiril Hasselknippe

born 1984 in Arendal, lives in New York

Sharon Hayes

born 1970 in Baltimore, lives in New York

Lena Henke

born 1982 in Warburg, lives in Frankfurt/Main

Calla Henkel/Max Pitegoff

Calla Henkel, born 1988 in Minneapolis, lives in Berlin
Max Pitegoff, born 1987 in Boston, lives in Berlin

Benjamin Hirte

born 1980 in Aschaffenburg, lives in Vienna

Tobias Hoffknecht

born 1987 in Bochum, lives in Cologne

Ann Cathrin November Høibo

born 1979 in Kristiansand, lives in Oslo

Yngve Holen

born 1982 in Braunschweig, lives in Berlin

Lisa Holzer

born 1971 in Vienna, lives in Berlin

Brian Hubble

born 1978 in Newport News, Virginia, lives in Brooklyn

Greg Ito

born 1987 in Los Angeles, lives in Los Angeles

David Jablonowski

born 1982 in Bochum, lives in Amsterdam

Cooper Jacoby

born 1989 in Princeton, lives in Los Angeles

Katharina Jahnke

born 1968 in Berlin, lives in Cologne

Tobias Kaspar

born 1984 in Basel, lives in Berlin

Olli Keränen

born 1979 in Helsinki, lives in Helsinki

Robert Kinmont

born 1937 in Los Angeles, lives in Northern California

Marcus Kleinfeld

born 1979 in Berlin, lives in Berlin

Alfons Knogl

born 1976 in Deggendorf, lives in Cologne

Robert Kraiss

born 1972 in Bonn, lives in Cologne

Kitty Kraus

born 1976 in Heidelberg, lives in Berlin

Sarah Kürten

born 1983 in Cologne, lives in Düsseldorf

Ian Law

born 1984, lives in London

Lindsay Lawson

born 1982 in Biloxi (USA), lives in Berlin

Alwin Lay

born 1984 in Lugosch, Romania, lives in Cologne

Eva L’Hoest

born 1991, lives and works in Brussels

David Lieske

born 1979 in Hamburg, lives in Berlin

Hanne Lippard

born 1984, lives in Berlin

George Henry Longly

born 1978 in Taunton, Somerset, lives in London

Nancy Lupo

born 1983 in Flagstaff, Arizona, lives in Los Angeles

Sara MacKillop

born 1973 in Bromley, lives in London

Jill Magid

born 1973 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, lives in New York

Park McArthur

born in 1984, North Carolina, lives in New York

Dane Mitchell

born 1976 in Auckland, New Zealand, lives in Auckland and Berlin

Justin Morin

born 1979 in Mont Saint Martin, lives in Paris

Charlotte Moth

born 1978 in Carshalton, lives in Paris

Marlie Mul

born 1980 in Utrecht, lives in Berlin

Scott Myles

born 1975 in Dundee, lives in Glasgow

David Ostrowski

born 1981 in Cologne, lives in Cologne

Virginia Overton

born 1971 in Nashville, Tennessee, lives in New York

Aude Pariset

born 1983 in Versailles, lives in Berlin

Nicolas Pelzer

born 1982 in Dinslaken, lives in Cologne


Marisa Argentato, born 1977 in Naples, lives in London
Pasquale Pennacchio, born 1979 in Caserta, lives in London

Marina Pinsky

born 1986 in Moscow, lives in Los Angeles

Michail Pirgelis

born 1976 in Essen, lives in Cologne

Benoit Plateus

born 1972 in Belgium, lives in Brussels

Anne Pöhlmann

born 1978 in Dresden, lives in Düsseldorf

Seth Price

born 1973 in East Jerusalem, lives in New York

Ninakarlin Prinz

born 1975 in Lüdenscheid, lives in Düsseldorf

Chadwick Rantanen

born 1981 in Wausau, Wisconsin, lives in Los Angeles

Sean Raspet

born 1981 in Washington, D.C., lives in Los Angeles

Dan Rees

born 1982 in Swansea, United Kingdom, lives in Berlin 

Magali Reus

born 1981 in The Hague, lives in London

Theresa Reusch

born 1985 in Cologne, lives in Cologne

Carlos Reyes

born 1977 in Chicago, lives in New York

Evan Robarts

born 1982 in Miami Beach, lives in New York

Amanda Ross-Ho

born 1975 in Chicago, lives in Los Angeles

Kilian Rüthemann

born 1979 in Bütschwil, St.Gallen, lives in Basel

Dominic Samsworth

born 1987 in Wiltshire, lives in London

Gerda Scheepers

born 1979 in Tzaneen, South Africa, lives in Berlin

Lasse Schmidt Hansen

born 1978 in Albertslund, Denmark, lives in Berlin

Thorsten Schneider

born 1976 in Düsseldorf, lives in Cologne

Ben Schumacher

born 1985 in Kitchener, Ontario, lives in New York

Hugh Scott-Douglas

born 1988 in Cambridge, UK, lives in New York

Timo Seber

born 1984 in Cologne, lives in Berlin

Elisa Sighicelli

born 1968 in Turin, lives in Turin

Michael E. Smith

born 1977 in Detroit, lives in Hokpinton, NH

Tobias Spichtig

born 1982, lives in Berlin and Zurich

Arslan Sukan

born 1973 in Ankara, lives in Istanbul and New York

Philipp Timischl

born 1989 in Graz, lives in Vienna

Remco Torenbosch

born 1982, lives in Amsterdam

Daniel Turner

born 1983 in Portsmouth, Virginia, lives in New York

Thomas Wachholz

born 1984, lives in Cologne

Christoph Westermeier

born 1984 in Cologne, lives in Düsseldorf

Dena Yago

born 1988 in New York, lives in New York

Anicka Yi

born 1971 in Seoul, South Korea, lives in New York