David Jablonowski

Kelly en Perles (3D) in coop. with Cameroonian Artist, 2011, silk scarf, soundsystem (ipod, speaker), aluminum, 65 x 67 x 4 cm

Kelly en Perles (3D) in coop. with Cameroonian Artist, 2011

“Kelly en Perles …” is an original silk scarf fabricated by Hermès. It takes up the motif of the famous Kelly bag along with three-dimensional depictions of pearls. In his appropriation of the original scarf David Jablonowski is referring to the company’s strategy of presenting this product on their website. Despite Hermès’s self-ascribed “support for the creative arts” within their own foundation they seem to have forgotten the Cameroonian artist’s name who conceived the scarf’s design. On the company’s website the author of this design is just referred to as “a Cameroonian artist”. Dwelling further upon this apparent notion of commercial usage of exoticism, David Jablonowski extracted the sound that was played while watching the scarf’s image on Hermès’s website. In his work “Kelly en Perles …” the scarf is mounted on an aluminum plate with a slight distance to the wall. A hidden MP3-Player reproduces Hermès’s idea of “exotic” Cameroonian music. As in many of his recent works David Jablonowski draws our attention to changes in meaning and interpretation of histories that can occur due to different means of mediation and their dominating or even manipulating character. With the increasing use of computers we have become used to virtual representations of real objects as well as to a certain design and interface. Originally inspired by the “real world” to simplify the handling and enable an intuitive operation, this structure is re-appropriated by David Jablonowski when he re-presents the original object along the lines of the virtual model.

October 11, 2011
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